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The Apple Store Complaint - complaint of an apple employee
The Apple Store Complaint

The Apple Store Complaint


complaint of an apple employee

I took my 2 iphones in to one of your stores and the employee who was helping me (Jason) told me it would be a while before the phones were synced and told me to walk around the mall. when i came back to the store; he (jason) set one of my phones down on the counter, and someone stole it. i was upset and wanted to be reimbursed, but he just looked at me, as though i did it, and walked away. no "sorry" or anything from Jason. finding out he was one of the managers really upset me more. i have pressed charges against him (houston police dept.), called att, they have taken a months worth of service off (that's all they could do), apple told me "sorry this happened" and that's all they could do. i just want everyone in the world to know Jason from the apple store at baybrook mall (friendswood) (houston) texas is working with people, and he is definitely not a "people person" i have been an iphone owner the day the iphone has come out, and that apple store hasn't been there that long. so in other words, i have been a great customer, and jason has only been an employee there for a little while, and he should be reprimanded. it's not the cost of the phone anymore; it's the principle of the whole thing. i paid $600.00 for my phone, and apple won't reimburse me for the employees' (jason) mistake for a $200.00 phone. i am seriously thinking about changing from my iphone to another company.

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KadiD says: (9 years ago)
Hi, I'm contacting you because I was in the Marlton NJ store a week ago with one of my new macbooks I made an apt because it wouldn't take a charge, when you plugged it in it would show the battery icon & say no battery attached. I took the computer along with the power supply in to the store for my genius Apt. I was BEYOND disappointed when this "genius" declared it was a simple reboot issue, He did not attempt to thoroughly research the issue & when I pleaded with him to he told me that "all you have to do is reset the power settings and it's fine" Well the problem with this is that, this computer isn't even a year old yet & I shouldn't be having to reset anything, let alone none of my other computers have this problem. Now at 33 years old and after 8 years as a sales manager for Staples, I can CLEARLY tell when I am being blown off. I was becoming distressed as the computer is nearing the end of it's warranty. This is where things got really bad. I asked my "genius" what happens if this problem happens again in two months when my computer in no longer is warranty? He went on to reiterate that this was NO BIG DEAL and that the fact that it had only happened once in a year was in fact "good" With this response and my frustration mounting, I requested to speak to a manager. another young man came over, as he approached me he said (and I quote)I agree with whatever he said! With that I was in shock... What kind of manager number one approaches a customer in this manner, My response was "you don't even know what he said!" to this the manager stated that he knows VERY LITTLE about fixing the computers. (for me this is confusing, because when I was at Staples, you didn't progress to the next level until you were cross trained in all departments) and the idea of a manger not defusing the situation, but escalating it more is foreign to me. With this new round of ridicules responses I requested a manager that had the ability to think for himself, at this point another manager came over, He was polite but did noting to help the situation either. I packed up my laptop asked for names and the customer service number and left the store enraged. once in the parking lot I called the number and finally got a person from customer service on the line. He was receptive & polite as I would expect from a company of Apple's caliber. he took down all of the information and told me that someone would be in touch with me soon. It's been a week and NOTHING. Yesterday we turned on the computer, TO FIND THE SAME PROBLEM!

I am so incredibly angry at the situation, I have purchased 4 Macbooks, 1 mac mini, 1 iphone & 3 ipods along with all the necessary components and accessories. My warranty on this particular unit will expire in less than one months time & it will not take a charge! I am now in med school (the reason I chose to forgo my sales career) and have to say I was dumbfounded by the lack or respect from the first associate and manager. In all my years in sales I would never allow any of my associate's to be so dismissive or straight out ignorant with a consumer. I ran my store with respect and concern for customer care, in return I had a consistent staff of 43 associates & the best retention rate, & sales volume in the region. So I do know a little about sales & the way this store went about helping me after I had invested so much money in moving my whole family from PC to Mac has surely disenchanted my personal view of the companies policies on backing up there product.

I have tried to reach a manager regarding the situation several times and have not had any luck, I am at my wits end want a call back to resolve the issue. There should be an easier way to file a complaint about this type of situation because I looked all over your sight & couldn't find anything, what's funny is that I had to google "Where can I file a complaint about a apple store?" in order to find out there are allot of people asking the same question. Thats where I found this address. Here's to hoping it works. If not, my next step is the better business bureau.

In advance, Thank you for your

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